Hope: For Paolo Galang

Sir Galang was one of my college professors in my senior year. His subject? Philosophy of Religion.

Just like any anxious graduating student, I had plans. I had so many plans about graduation and everything after. One day, this particular teacher asked me what if my plans would fail, what was my Plan B? When I didn’t answer, he said, you trust God because He knows what’s next. He taught me that when I arrive at my lowest of lows and I can’t even trust myself with myself, I should just let go and let God. Because God is … something beyond us. He is beyond our understanding, beyond anything and everything. God is HOPE. And if I could just hold onto hope then my hands will never be empty. Somehow, his words have always kept me dry and sane through my share of thunderstorms and hurricanes. 3 years later, I would still love to sit in his class and just wonder about the world passing by.

If good teachers leave a mark on their students, consider me scarred for life Sir Pao 🙂

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