Jam Day 4: For Bea Jorda

I attended a 3-day retreat organized by the youth ministers of our church. Ate Bea has been my mentor/formator. All happenings have been normal for a formation with Ate Bea as my leader until we came to a one-on-one talk. I personally don’t open up to strangers but Ate Bea is so accommodating that I feel like a gushing dam of emotions when I’m with her. She gave me that trust that I can be who I am today. She gave me that assurance that God will help me find a way to do His Will. Ate Bea encouraged me to speak and to inspire not to be like her but be a unique testimony of how God has transformed me. Ate Bea has triggered the fire within me to serve and to form other youth. I am confident yet humble today. Thanks for the trust, Ate Bea. You don’t know how far your words have taken me. God bless!

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