My Selfless Mom: For Len Aguilar

NOMINEE: Len Aguilar
NOMINATED BY: Clarie Aguilar

From changing diapers to planning everyday meals, from treating out her favorite apo, to reminding her children of their yearly car registrations—my mom, or ‘Ma’, can do it all. She is the hero of the household, and definitely my own hero.

Never in my life have I heard my mom complain about work or the everyday chores she does for us. She has always been the responsible ‘ate’ to her siblings and a dependable employee to her colleagues. She pretty much raised us on her own, working her 8am-5pm job, and making sure we’ve done all our homework when she’d arrive home. I have felt and witnessed these as I was growing older. Each and every day that I get to spend with her, my respect and admiration for her and for everything that she has done for us grows.

Just like female elephants who guide and strongly influence their herd, my mom is a born leader and is compassionate. She leads us in all stages of our lives and she always, ALWAYS puts our needs first. I am truly grateful to have her as my mother.

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