My Beacon of Light: For Isabel Villaseran

Taking on your first big job can definitely give you the fright of your life. But when you have a great mentor and a beacon of light to guide you through it all, you don’t have to worry.

My boss, Beng, is my primary source of tough love in the workplace. Beyond the seemingly stoic disposition in the office, a gentle heart shines through this loving wife and proud mother. She protected me from bullies of the corporate world when I worked by the rules, but she was also the first to reprimand me when I did the opposite. She taught me more than the technical aspects of work; also the soft skills needed to survive in an organization where communication is of paramount importance. I spent two and a half years trying to emulate the aspects that made her a great mentor in the office — eventually letting my strengths shine and my weaknesses reinforced. I had just been promoted to another role; and luckily, Beng’s leadership has armed me with a desire to do more and be more!

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