My Brot-HERO: For Dennis Ong

Being the youngest of 3 siblings, I had the tendency to act like a spoiled brat occasionally. I am indeed fortunate that my older brother had the patience of a saint and the maturity of a sage. He was my ultimate hero when we were still kids, as I was always tagging along with him like a lovesick puppy. I sat beside him while he played computer games and even played along with him as together we destroyed the enemy forces! There must have been times when he merely tolerated my presence, but he never once complained and he always took me with him wherever he went. When we grew up and he got his driver’s license, he became my own personal self-appointed chauffeur, ferrying me to and from school, regardless of my erratic schedule. He stayed up almost all night to help me with difficult projects, carefully assembling each piece as if it were his own assignments. He went to my school to play the guitar and piano for my presentations. He bought me my prom shoes because money was tight for me at the time. The list is endless as to how my brother helped me through the years. He always looks out for me and takes the utmost care of me. Even until now when we have our own families, we still text each other everyday, sending the silliest jokes and things that crack us up but few people probably comprehend. He always manages to cheer me up during my darkest moments. Life is not easy, and it would have been even more difficult for me if it weren’t for this great person, my dashing, brilliant, lovable brother, my brot-HERO, Dennis Ong. He is the best brother anyone can ever have and I am so grateful to be his little sister forever.

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