My Critic Teacher, My Hero: For Nora Yasana

I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in P.E. in college. And as an education student in college, part of our requirement is to have practice teaching (off-campus) in certain public schools. We, practice teachers, were required to render 3-month service to schools where we are designated and a CT (Critic Teacher/Mentor) will be tasked to monitor us during our stay.

When the time the principal discussed and designate us to our faculty, she then also introduced us to our respective mentors. And the mentor/CT that I was given to was the one I wished not to be partnered. I’ve heard a lot from the other teachers about the avoidance from her of some previous practice teachers. They described her as someone strict and hard to deal with. I felt so unfortunate to have her as my CT but then I had to accept it that I’ll be with her for three months.

And as I worked with her during the beginning days, it was frustating. She kept on giving me negative feedback about the way I taught. She also asked me to make changes on every work that I did which I thought wasn’t that necessary at all. I approached the principal and told her to look for another mentor I could be with because I was having a hard time with my CT. She advised me that I should try to communicate to my CT so that we can have a better connection.

Days went by and I started learning new things every day. I resolved the problem by just being obedient and accepted constructive criticism. I realized that my mentor is a hero. She pushed me out of my shell and let me discover better things for the better me. She asked me to make changes necessary for my improvement as teacher in the future.

I learned that I must always recognize the gap between a student and an educator. I learned that even if our mentors are older than us, we still need to respect them because we still have a lot to learn from them.
Accept that submission and obedience to mentors like our parents and teachers is one essential tool I learned in my practice teaching.

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