My Girls: For Audrey & Penny Gil Laderas

I am a 46 year old husband, father of one who works for a Real Estate developer. My story would be a bit different because I would be honoring both my mentor and my personal hero.

I used to be a happy-go-lucky person. Not really a careless one, but very carefree. I used to not be fond of responsibilities and obligations, I also hated rules and norms, wanting everything to be fun, light & easy. But all this changed when I had my Audrey. My angel, my princess. Almost immediately everything ‘not okay’ about me changed. I became responsible. I came home early. I spent my free time at the house… with my baby… or in a coffee shop with her. She loves cold chocolate drinks!

She doesn’t know it, but she has definitely changed my life. She taught me how to be a better person and for that I consider her ‘my mentor’. Of course, raising a child alone is difficult. Good thing I have Penny with me, my wife, as a partner. I could not ask for more. She is responsible, loving, caring, smart, is a mean cook & and is really hot! But the best thing I like about her is that she takes good care of me and Audrey. She is really an awesome woman. In fact, everyone in my family and her family loves her so much. They say everybody has a personal hero… I call mine ‘Mahal’ (my term of endearment for my wife) Now, how do I relate or connect this to the theme ‘Happy Coffee Bean Day’? Simple. All three of us are huge coffee lovers (yes, even our Audrey. she could finish 2 orders of double chocolate) Pen goes for the Ultimate Mocha while I often crave for a cup of Hot Double Chocolate with marshmallows and White Chocolate Dream – plus an order of Roast Beef and Spinach Cheese Ravioli 🙂

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