My Greatest Blessing: For Theo Relevo

I’m Charlyn Soto, a Waldorf teacher from Quezon City.

I am beyond thankful to the person who helped me become the best person I can be. He is Teodoro Relevo and everyone calls him Theo. He is my fiancè and my greatest supporter and mentor. Before I met him, I came from a failed relationship where the person I was supposed to marry left me hanging and let me feel that I was worthless and devastated. That was the darkest day I’ve ever had. Then, a year ago, my childhood friend introduced to me his bestfriend Theo. At first it was just okay meeting him and dating him until one day he asked me if he could visit my hometown. I said he could. So he visited my hometown in Ilocos and he met my family and I was surprised when he asked them for their permission to court me. My family were so happy about his gestures. On the other hand, I wasn’t sure enough if I was already ready to entertain him because at first I wasn’t attracted to him. But, knowing him better made me fall in love with him everyday.

He is the man who restored my brokeness and let me realize that I am worthy to be loved. He didn’t change me from being that simple and conservative girl but he helped me grow by leading me to the path where God wanted me to be. He helped me outgrow my fears in life by taking me to great adventures where I saw the beauty of the world. I had so many ups and downs in life that made me forgot myself exist. And because of him I have found myself in a new threshold where I became better, giving my best to every single thing I do. To make our story short, we became a couple last May 14, 2016, that was the day we started our beautiful journey and last May 19, 2017 he proposed to me in St. Peter and Paul church in Bantayan Island. That was the best day I’ve ever had this year and next year we are set to get married and start a new great chapter of our lives. I was broken and that was so painful but God is really good for he prepared me to have the best for last and that’s the time he blessed me with my fiancè now who became my mentor of life that helped me be healed, and not to be afraid to love and grow as I am letting him hold my hands as we embark a new life together.

To my fiancè Teodoro Relevo, I thank you for transcending the love of God to me and to the people surround me. You are my greatest blessing because you are the answer to my prayers. I will always love you beyond and make sure that I will do my best to be a better person I can be to take care of you and love you.

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