My Husband, My Life: Benedict Macias

Not all superheroes wear capes, so they say, and it is indeed true in my case. The best part is that my superhero is real, unlike made-up imaginary heroes. He puts on ordinary clothes everyday just like you and me, and he drinks coffee just like ordinary people. However, he goes to work early and comes home late, even on holidays, and still manages to find time to spend with his family. He supports us financially by being industrious and frugal, mentally by tutoring our kids when they have a hard time understanding their academic lessons, and emotionally by showing us how much he loves us in every way he can. Whenever he has a break at work, he calls us up simply to ask after our well-being and to remind us he loves us. When he comes home after a hard day’s work, he still tries to play with our daughters and ask them about their day. One time, I saw him sleeping while holding our little girls as they watched cartoons on TV. Another time, I spied them playing with Barbie dolls and he donned fairy wings with them, not ashamed to look silly as long as it made our girls happy. We go to sleep without but wake up with our blankets on us, and I know it was he who put them there. He forgives me for my shortcomings and encourages me to be the best I can be without being overbearing, and he doesn’t clip my wings whenever I need to fly high. You see, it is not the big once-in-a-lifetime things but the little yet constant things he does that makes us feel special and loved, and that for me is what makes a person a real-life hero. I am truly fortunate to have met him but to have married him and have him as the father of my children is my life’s greatest blessing. My real-life hero is my husband, Benedict Macias, and though we may not say it to each other often, I am proud to shout it from the rooftops that I love him and I am so glad to be his forever.

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