My Millennial Mentors: For Ioanna Dei & Ella Alvarez

While it might seem like a norm that mentors are typically older and more experienced at a craft for them to teach another, my situation seems to go against the flow.
You see, I belong to the age of “typewriters and carbon paper” and the shift to computers and mobile phones caught me in my late 20’s (when it’s hard to teach old dog new tricks), leaving me with a sense of panic and techno-phobia. Fortunately, when I got married and had two kids way into the digital age, I found myself a couple of mentors who taught me the shortcuts and how-to’s in computing and smartphone navigation. They are my elder daughters, Ioanna Dei, now 19, and my younger one Ella, 16. These “millennials” of mine ushered me into the byways of the internet highway, introducing me to the frightful frenzy and fun of online games, which I admit, are quite addicting. (I have to ‘fess up that while in church, my mind was wandering to the strawberries in my Farmville which need to be harvested).

Since I was homeschooling my daughters, we also needed supplemental articles from the world wide web which were no longer in print or unavailable on the island where we are residing as missionaries. Ioanna Dei would search for the right links and open up a world of information for all of us. We also found lots of Lifehacks that helped us survive the scarcity in our homesteading lifestyle. Of course, even though my children were more familiar with the digital landscape than I was, we also made sure that certain sites are definitely off-limits and I have my computer-savvy husband to thank for that, too. Nonetheless, my millennial mentors have eased my sense of trepidity over punching the wrong buttons, the fear of deleting important files and uninstalling certain apps inadvertently. Ioanna Dei is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, having done all her secondary school requirements in homeschool.

So thanks to my young mentors, I now know how to use the laptop and my mobile phone with a level of confidence I didn’t have decades back. It’s never too late to learn so I encourage those in my generation suffering from a similar phobia for gadgets to be open and teachable to learn from the younger, dauntless “digitals” and appreciate their mentoring by treating them to their favorite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf blended drinks! For sure, they’d love you to the moon and back!

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2 Thoughts

  1. Arleen says:

    Hazel, this is certainly an excellent piece and a very pleasant take on millennials . As always you are as flawless a writer as you are a speaker. Do you have your own blog? Let me know.

    1. Hazel Alvarez says:

      Hi T’Arleen!
      Thank you for your kind comments. Farm life has certainly given me an opportunity to unfollow the mad rush to writing for a broadcast deadline ( *i needed that yesterday*) and to allow ideas to germinate in their natural rhythm. I have intentionally avoided blogging but open to the thought. Why ?