My Mother, My Teacher, My Inspiration: For Victoria Roberto

I am Rachelle Roberto, a licensed teacher in the University of Perpetual Help- Molino Campus. I’ve been teaching for almost 5 years, got my first job and license at the age of 19. My greatest inspiration of becoming one is my mother, her name is Ma. Victoria S. Roberto who is a teacher also. She has been teaching for a foundation in Pasig for 18 years now, where most of her students can’t afford to send themselves to school. She got married at the age of 18 and divorced at 20. She is my inspiration because even though she was raising me and my sister, she still continued to pursue to attain a college degree and have a license of her own. I know it was never easy to study, work, and be a mother at the same time. But she managed to do that.

I’ve never thought of becoming a teacher but she influenced me. When I saw her being respected and loved by her students, I told myself that I wanted to be like my mother. Inspiring others, being loved by everyone and respected by others. I want to inspire people how my mother inspires me. She is the reason why I became my best myself. And for that, I want to thank her and for all the sacrifices she has done for us.

I know I am not good in writing but I hope you can share this just to express my gratitude to my mother.

“Being a teacher is hard, but being a mother is harder. Doing things at same time is hardest. “

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