My Partner and Lifetime Friend: For Julius Espiritu

Hi! You can call me Jo. I am currently an expectant mom to our firstborn, due in January 2018. It was 3 years ago when I met the person I never thought would be my husband. A year ago, we decided to get married (and had a second wedding early this year). Some would say it was a hasty decision but when you’re both into it, it doesn’t matter somehow.

Many would react that he is 10 years older than I am, which likewise means he is 10 years richer in experience. Whether it be in our hikes, travels or home chores, he would always give me practical tips on how to do things better. We would usually share all these moments and more over a great cup of brewed coffee, whether it be in the city or in the mountains.

Fast forward, I have become pregnant. Not having my mom here in the Philippines is quite a struggle, and having a supportive husband really comes in handy. He would always make sure that I am on the right track with the pregnancy of our firstborn. It has been hard but when you have such a husband who is hands-on with everything, the journey becomes easier and I get more excited to give birth rather than be anxious about it. He would go learn with me in pregnancy seminars about the right nutrition and the different ways to prepare for the big day. Early on, I have told him to just accompany me to the important prenatal checkups so as not to put pressure on him and just go whenever he feels like it. But it seemed like for each and every checkup, he makes sure that he is there, and I could never be happier.

I look up to my husband because he has the same number of hours in a day as others, but he manages to do so well in many aspects. He would rise early to buy fresh produce at the market and prepare everything before we go to work. He would bike commute to and from work, and cook again once he gets home and still have the time to check on my tummy. Now that I cannot do so many things as before, he would happily oblige and take over. Did I hit the jackpot? Indeed I did. And would you believe that for all these things that he is able to do, all it takes is one fresh, good cup of brewed coffee in the morning to get him through the day.

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