My SuperMom: For Rosita Ong

I am the youngest of three kids. Ever since I can remember, my mom has worn many hats over the years. She has been our doctor, adviser, teacher, guidance counselor, singer and dancer (because she’s always looking for ways to entertain us and keep us company!), our yaya, chef, housekeeper, house manager, event organizer! She was the one who carried our big bulky bags to school because she didn’t want us to be hampered with them. She always made sure we had our baons, our thermos of water, enough money in case we get hungry or thirsty (as if the baon she packed wasn’t enough to feed the entire class!) She has always been there for us.

A few years back, she had to undergo a surgical operation due to stage 3 breast cancer. Still, in spite of her illness and clearly weakened state, my mother, this extraordinary woman that I am so blessed to call my mom, got up from her sickbed and continued to look after us the same way she had always done. Even after chemotherapy sessions, she remained devoted to our needs, selflessly attending to our day-to-day life and never once complaining about her own condition. Thankfully, she is now in remission, but the disease clearly made its mark on her health. I have my own family now, yet my mom still takes time to visit, to call, to ask about my daughters and to buy their favorite food. Whenever she sees something that appeals to her, she buys it; not for herself but for others in our family. She is the definition of a hero personified, imbued with courage, compassion, wisdom, and grace. She is my SuperMom, my unfailing hero, my ideal woman. I consider it the greatest honor to be compared to her and I am humbled and indeed privileged to be known as her daughter.

Love you, mommy.

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