My Wife Is My Hero: For Liza Schneider

My WIFE is MY Hero!

We’ve been married for almost 2 1/2 decades now & still very much in love.

We have 3 kids (25, 20 & 12). I guess we’ve experienced pretty much life has to offer. The highs & lows, be it financial or other wise, we’re stuck together like crazy glue.

It’s very fortunate that we get to be together 24/7 because of our work which we also share. Some say you get tired of each other after a while; on the contrary, ours is a relationship that transcends the boundaries of husband-wife relationships. You can say we’re ‘soul mates’.

I’m not the easiest guy to be with. I’m impatient, moody, sometimes difficult, & don’t forget – stubborn. I’m surprised she still puts up with me all these years.

4 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2. This was a big blow for us considering we were very active & fit & enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. But I admired her positivity & calmness even from the time that she knew her condition to her operation. Up to this day, it seems she is unfazed by what had happened to her.

She remains steadfast, even when we are faced with difficult obstacles in life. I admire her very much, especially how she sees the positive even in the most hopeless situation. She always (very often)  encourages me to take it one day at a time as I am a worrier as well (forgot to include this earlier under my special traits) and to leave it up to God & trust in him. She’s always right you know.

I wish I had that zeal & confidence in life in general. I’m working on it though (trying).

The good thing is she’s able to inspire friends and people (as we have our own radio program & thru social media), to try & live a healthy lifestyle and to be positive no matter what. Seems impossible right. Of course she gets emotional now & then, she’s human, but she recovers quickly and practices what she preaches.

I hope she continues this crusade of sorts and make people realize, even in her own little way, specially in these times where most people are becoming detached & less affected (apathetic) by what’s happening around us. We need someone or something in our lives to inspire us & give us a reason to wake up every morning feeling happy & positive in life &  content. What else is there to aspire for?

Material things, successful careers, popularity etc. are but temporary. The real permanent happiness is what’s within (peace of mind & enjoying your family & loved ones). I think that’s her secret to being what she is now.

“Life is a challenge. All it takes is a positive mindset to get through each day & win.” That’s what she always tells me.

You know, she has a point.

My wife is my champion!  And I know our real happiness is with God & each other.

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