Not All Heroes Wear Capes: For Marbyn De leon

Not all heroes wear capes

To my best friend, who has stayed right by my side since college.
Sabi nila, you meet love unexpectedly. I know you don’t know how you made me feel and how you became a big part of who I am right now.

You are my hero who saves me from seeing the world black and white.
You wipe my tears even you yourself cry.
You are right beside me, not only at the best but at the worst part of my life.
You show me that I deserve to be loved as much as I love.
You became my inspiration to live everyday and be the best version of myself.
You teach me that things would’nt be easy but with each other everything will just be fine.
Your burning passion to work hard inspires me to do good in everyday.
Your kind heart touches my heart to show kindness always.
You’re an angel that God sent me. I know you live by his words and guide me in him.

Last time,  you brought me to church and told me you remembered I wanted a church date. I myself forgot that I did tell you that until that day.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” – ECC 3:11

After 5 years of friendship, you told me you loved me.

Thank you, my hero! Thank you for saving me from a dull world and turn it to a colorful one. Colors are beautiful my love! So, thank you! Thank you for being strong, for being right beside me always! Thank you for teaching me to love myself again! Thank you for believing in me always!

Thank you for inspiring me to do good at work and for teaching me how to stay humble all the time. Truly, you are God’s gift! You do things with passion and dedication and that inspires me!

You deserve a cup of love, a cup of thanks and a cup of positivi-tea!

From your baerista kim💕 Let’s brew our best years together!

Not all heroes wear capes.

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