One Call Away: For Kris

I am mentally unhealthy. Last year, in the middle of my non-degree semester at a university in Manila, I had the worst depression/panic attack and my best friend was there holding my hand as I cry and wait for my emotions to tone down.

During the night of her University Graduation, I went home and was triggered by an event and had the 2nd worst depressive episode. Her parents went to Manila and they were staying at a hotel room. She could’ve spent that night to catch up with them, but instead took time to listen to me as I cried my eyes out, waiting, yet again, for my emotions to tone down.

She was there whenever I would have therapy and she was there when I got better. When days were going rough, she was still there to listen to me and even became my pseudo-psychotherapist whenever I needed one. The best thing was, she never felt as if I was an unable friend to her, that I cannot do the same things she has done for me. To her, I am as much a friend as she is to me. She never stopped believing that I could reach out to others and still pursue my dreams as well.

Today, I am a teacher to underprivileged students. Many would say that that would be impossible for someone who is on the verge of having both depression and anxiety, and that my emotions would always get the best of me. But Kris never thought of that. She was always the first to encourage and the last to criticize. For Kris, a great friendship doesn’t really require words of love and affirmation, because these can best be given with a listening heart and a present spirit.

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