Our Hero Just Like Coffee: For Kathelyn Samson

I am Ira Francheska Abrenica, 20 yrs. old. I graduated last April 2017 with my degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management. Ma’am Kathelyn Samson or also known as Ma’am Kaye was our Department Head and at the same time, she taught other subjects related to Business Management.

A cup of coffee every morning with its aromatic smell, is one of the best feelings. Just as Ma’am Kaye wears her usual smile and joy upon entering the class, that will surely make you love her. Coffee beans are not exactly coffee until they are grinded and roasted which brings out its natural flavor. The intoxicating smell of coffee helps us open our eyes, get energized, and motivated for the rest of the day.

We were like coffee beans that were being roasted and grinded by Ma’am Kaye. She taught us all the lessons that we needed, motivated and even shared her experiences that kept us inspired. A professor that made learning fun. A friend to bond and share stories with. Our second mother who cared for us and treated each one of us like her own child. Ma’am Kaye would always remind us to soar high, remain humble, and have the grace and poise attitude. As we graduate, we thank her for being one of the persons behind our success and for all the countless things she has done for us.

Experience is the best teacher but for us having Ma’am Kaye as our teacher is one of the best experiences. Like a sip of coffee that equates happiness, comfort, and something warm from the heart which could energize and influence the happiness and spread good vibes to everyone.

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