Our Spiritual Leader at Home: For Tim de Jesus

My husband is far from perfect. He grew up from a dysfunctional family not knowing his biological father, was introduced to the world of vices at an early age, grew up rebelling from his mother. I wouldn’t consider him as my ‘ideal husband’, but one thing I am sure of – he is a recipient of God’s love and grace which transformed his life from a victim to a victor. My husband just celebrated his first year anniversary of sobriety last August 22, 2017. As newlyweds, our family and home life is far from the ideal, but my husband definitely plays a big role as my personal hero and the spiritual leader of our family that helped me shape and become the person I am now.

My husband is a testimony that our Heavenly Father is in the business of changing lives. Even though he grew up in a fatherless family, he is very intentional and really takes time and energy to play, engage, teach and discipline our daughter, Julia Grace. As a husband, he encourages and supports me in my career as a Training Manager of The Table Group Inc. Being a working mom is a challenge for me, but he makes sure he is available for our daughter during those times that I am at work. My husband models leadership in our family by disciplining me as well. He never fails to remind me to manage and balance my time at home and work. He’s best at discerning what’s in my heart and mind; he knows when I’m happy, stressed and sad. He rebukes me in the most honest, painful yet loving way. He is God’s mouthpiece to remind me when I need to be humbled down, when I need to rest and when I need to let go. I never thought someone as ‘messed up’ as my husband would be used by God to humble me down, teach me and influence me spiritually.

I would like to honor my husband and thank him for continuously relying on God for his recovery. The transformation in his heart and in his life is only a product of God’s love, grace and presence in him. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God as you minister to other people who are going through the same trials and challenges that you have experienced. Thank you for being brave and relentless as we face the unknown of marriage and parenting. Thank you for being the sunshine of our lives. Thank you for doing your best to be the husband and father after God’s own heart. Thank you for standing up and being courageous as you lead our family. Your and Julia’s love and presence are God’s rewards to me every after working day.

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