Panget and Kulit: For Karen Lumbo

Karen was my first boss. From day one, I told myself I wanted to be like her. She taught me not only the skills in production, but also the values and discipline on how to be a good journalist and producer. It’s a love and hate relationship because her expectations were high and she’d really push me. On my end, I didn’t want to disappoint her and would always want her approval. So, I also gave it my all every time. I will never forget the days when I’d cry while revising my script for the nth time. She’d hold my shoulder and tell me, “You can do better Milds.” The training she gave me made me an Executive Producer at the age of 24. Now, I am one of the senior EPs in GMA Public Affairs. She is practically like my ate. I call her panget, she calls me kulit. I was assigned a new superior in 2011. But this year, I’m delighted to have Karen as my boss again. I will never trade her for another and will do anything for her.

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