Professional Yet Personal: For Ms. Sheila Lim-Villamor

I am currently an Events Assistant for a consulting firm. I’ve been working here for more than 3 years already, the first work that I got into after graduating from college. For a millenial like me, it could be quite unusual for many. Maybe it’s because I am learning so much from this company, that’s why I’ve stayed for a long time. One of the reasons why I love working in this company too is because of our Managing Consultant who has become my Mentor and my Friend.

Starting as a young professional has never been easy but having a hands-on superior like Ms. Sheila makes it simple and enjoyable. She has taught me a lot of concepts and ideas that can only be learned through actual application. Whenever I ask her a question, she would explain it to me and even give some examples & scenarios to make it clear. If that’s not enough or another question pops up, she would patiently expound on it, never getting tired nor irritated. And whenever she asks me to do something, she will not just give it to me & let me do it, but rather she would take time to explain what I should do, what it is for, and so on. It made me rely on her guidance & coaching, but through the years, it also made me independent.

More than learning the concepts and developing my skills, what she has imparted has been invaluable. Her patience & generosity in always teaching us, her resilience in facing challenges, and her excellence in doing projects that we have are worth imitating and inspiring.

I will be leaving this company one month from now and before I go I would like to say, “Thank you, Ms. Sheila for making a big impact in my life not just professionally but also personally. A great cup of coffee may not compensate all that you’ve given, but God knows how I am grateful and blessed to have a mentor and friend like you. Praying for you always!” 🙂

PS: This picture shows I am becoming like her. 😉 #twinning

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