Salamat, Sir Val!: For Val Recio

I’m Ilyn, currently an HR Associate in one of the largest conglomerates in the country.

I remember posting in 2 consecutive tweets, “I don’t mind going around telling others how kind my boss is. Yung may alam pero ang humble, ang dali kausap. Napakaencouraging, ang light, at sobrang relaxed lang. Namodel nya perfectly ang grace under pressure” a few months back.

I’ve been given the chance to work with Sir Val for more than a year now. I’ve learned so much from him since he joined our team last October. Aside from guiding me through the actual work I have to deliver, he has also taught me a lot of other important things in ways he probably wasn’t too conscious of simply because he was just being himself.

To make time no matter how busy the day is; to listen and try to understand even if it sounds complicated and too detailed; to respect others regardless of age or position; to trust others that they can; to collaborate; to be an encourager; to be PATIENT; to take things lightly and positively; to see the good in others; to start and end the day with a smile….and a lot more. He never mentioned these to me but he modeled it well enough that everytime I notice it, I’m left hoping to be able to practice the same. He deifnitely inspired me to be better not only in my professional life but in the personal too.

Thank you, Sir Val, for not just being a mentor but for also being a friend to us. You are very much appreciated!
May you have enough coffee to keep you energized as you brave the traffic going to the office everyday. God bless you!

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2 Thoughts

  1. Sienna says:

    Well said Ilyn, Sir Val’s presence alone inspire us to strive harder, to smile, to be fair and to respect others, always.

    1. Val Recio says:

      Mentoring you guys came in naturally, i didn’t even noticed that i was already mentoring you 🙂
      You guys also bring out the best in me 🙂 thank you again for the recognition 🙂 more coffee beans for us!