TC Ganda: For Nina Dolatre Navarro

I am a SPED teacher who decided to have a breathing space and applied as email support for Telus International. We were 33 in the team with different personalities, educational backgrounds, and needs. We were assigned a team leader, Nina – who named herself “TC Ganda” and our team, “Team Ganda.”

How did she help me become the best I can be? I think she made all the team members the best that we all can be. I had no idea what a c.c.industry is until I landed the job in Telus. It was not easy nor hard either. In the industry, teams are pitted against each other for team rankings, merits, finances, and just recognition. To get merits, we need to work harder. Of course, there are shortcuts to get them. Our team leader, she got to know each one of us. During team huddles and one-on-one coaching sessions, she would tell us over and over again that we should not forget integrity. She said we can bring our integrity wherever we go, but the financial merit and recognition, we cannot. Our team was number 1 at first in team rankings but when other teams found a way to get to the top through other means, our team rank went down. This was because she wouldn’t let any one of us sacrifice our integrity. We all felt bad because everybody was doing their thing, but she would tell us to keep our integrity intact. She helped each and every one of us to be the best that we can be. I even received a top cast driver 2 times, something I never thought I could do. We became like a family. We do not work together anymore but we are still in touch with her and we all miss those days. She is strict, but also funny to be with. She makes sure her job is done before dismissal time and she is the first to run to the elevator so she can be with her kids ASAP. She is now assigned to develop other team leaders to be the best that they can be.

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