Thank You for My Best Self: For Geo Corneby

I always asked myself, “Can I do this?” Your ready answer would always be, “Yes, we can.”

My mentor, Geo, and I both work at Smarter Good Inc., a social enterprise which provides strategic fundraising services to global nonprofits. These organizations provide solutions for poverty alleviation, women’s economic empowerment, sustainable agriculture, to name a few. We work with these heroes based in several locations around the globe. But one of my personal heroes is someone I work closely with on a daily basis.

Starting out in Smarter Good, I would always doubt my capabilities and question whether my work was good enough. I was new to the sector and I knew close to nothing about fundraising and Project Management. I would always confide in Geo about how important this work was to me and how much I longed to improve myself. Always one to take immediate action, Geo would provide me with opportunities to prove my mettle: handle research projects for the team, co-lead events for the development social sector, and manage the team’s resources and work plans. I was eager to improve myself and discover new skills. I never felt lacking in terms of learning opportunities and chances to take on more leadership roles.

From my humble beginnings as a Research Associate just trying to learn everything I can about the work we do, I am now currently training to become an Account Manager for our clients, eventually leading a team of my own.

You’ve always been one of my biggest cheerleaders and strongest confidantes. I remember one comment you wrote on my annual review, “MM is my favorite comeback story.” Every time I face a set back or a challenging situation at work, I make sure to come back stronger and wiser every time. And I learned that from you. You constantly inspire people to be their best selves.

To Geo, thank you for all the lessons and the friendship! I consider it an honor to be mentored and guided by you.

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