Thank You My Life-changer: For Larne Gayatgay

I will always remember during my first year in high school when I was pushed by my class adviser, Larne Gayatgay, to lead the prayer in front of about 800 high school students, teachers, and priests. I was so nervous and stuttered a lot and stopped reading the prayer book. The entire crowd noticed and so, they started reading loudly the leader part of the prayer book. I got my courage back and started leading the prayer alone.

It was an experience that made me who I am right now. The belief in someone who pushed me to my limits opened up a new me. From then on, it was clear that I wanted to become a leader to inspire other people. This incident always gives me the courage to take a risk in life and at work.

She always tells me; “Continue to be an inspiration to others!” And from then on, I also use that line to all my closest friends on their birthdays and special events in life.

Thank you Ms. Larne Gayatgay.

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