The Best Mentor: For Mark Punzalan

I was a person who had very low self esteem. I did not know how to get along with other people. I did not believe in myself because all I knew was that I was weak and I couldn’t accomplish anything in my life. I didn’t even have the confidence to talk to people. But my mentor taught me to believe in myself. That I have a potential because God has given me a gift. My mentor pushed me to become the best I can be. He encouraged me through the word of God, that’s why I am confident now in Christ Jesus. Big changes happened in my life because God used him. I thank God for giving me my mentor because what I have achieved in my life is because of him – a man with a vision and dreams for me that I will be successful in life. He is my great mentor, coach and good pastor. Now, I am a leader of the church. I’m leading young people who needs Christ in their lives.

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