The Favorite: For Leo Anthony Intia

When I think about this person, I would always remember the first time I talked to him. It was summer of 2015 and I was so preoccupied with my new life in the real world. Little did I know that he would be a huge inspiration in shaping who I am today.
I am thankful to Lian for many reasons. He is one of the few persons who did a really good job in helping me embrace who I am. It’s never easy to set aside our insecurities (especially when you’re a millennial), but he taught me the importance of believing in myself, so I can put my life in a better light.
He instilled in me that the rest will follow once I learned to trust in my potential.
As a wanderlust, he taught me the importance of going out of my comfort zone to experience new places. For some, traveling only hurts their pockets. But, Lian taught me that there is so much more about traveling than just spending my hard-earned money, that it’s priceless to have memories which can last a lifetime.
What I love most about Lian is how he motivates me to go for what I am passionate about.  Two years ago, he was telling me to keep on writing (that’s what I love doing), submit articles to publishers, and even join contests. At present, I am already writing for an online magazine that I was just raving about before. I was also able to tick off an item in my bucket list about writing for a broadsheet, and starting my own blog. (Thanks to that push he gave me.)
But he doesn’t just tell me to keep on chasing my dreams, his own way of going after his already serves as a motivation for me to be more hardworking. I think real inspirations are like that. They don’t just talk. They touch people’s lives by just being themselves.
Lian influenced me in so many ways (I need a day, more rolls of paper to share it with you.) I see him as proof that people come into our lives one day for different reasons, but more importantly I consider him as a blessing. Well, maybe, I did something really good in the past. 🙂

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