The Foundation to My Structure: For Genevieve & Romulo Raquitico

All of the world’s greatest buildings are rooted in a strong and effective foundation. My mama and papa are very low-key, never flashy, but they always have my back.

As the first architect in our family, it was a bit of a struggle for me – from college until my practicing years, especially with the lack of connections in the trade. Nonetheless, my parents helped with whatever way they could. They never imposed anything on me, but instilled in me three ideals:
1. Never be afraid to try new things
2. It is okay to fail.
3. Always do your best.
These ideals guided me to become who I am today: a man always striving to become the best architect I can be. Mama and papa have always kept me grounded, but enabled me to soar high. They are my foundation.

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