The Modern SuperMan: For Alfredo del Rosario Jr.

I was never close to my dad before. First, because I was raised in a strict household. All I knew back then was that we should do only what we are told to do, because Papa says so. I feared my dad. Surely, you can imagine a disobedient daughter who didn’t submit to her father. I was a “discreet” rebel. I appeared to be fine but was hiding in the shadow of “they do not know, anyway.”

Until things started to get so tiring. I was an achiever but my heart was never complete. Then, I realized that I needed a Father. My Dad is the reason why I came to know Christ. As Christ brings Truth and Life to this world, slowly, a heart that has been broken was finally leaping and healing. From that moment on, I saw my Dad not in the same way. My Father-in-earth became an image of love like my Father-in-Heaven. Papa was never a perfect Father. But he is a perfect man for me. After all, he is my modern superman. The one who holds dear, cares for and unconditionally loves his children.

Pa, if you are reading this, I apologize for all misunderstandings and misinterpretations of your actions and discipline. But please know that you are a good father to us. Yes Papa, you are as good as a father can be. Thank you for raising us the way you did and do.

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