The Woman I Love Most: For Celia Diaz

This is for the woman I love the most… my mom, Celia.

Our family’s life is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes we’re at the top – having fun – and sometimes, we’re at the bottom – in the recovery from the steep way down. We got each other’s back, but the person who always cheers us up is her – my mom! She always does her best to give us the love, essentials, and care that we need. She taught us to get back on track when we are challenged in life, to be wise and smart without stepping on other people, to never lose faith in ourselves and especially to never lose faith in God. She’s not just a mother but also a best friend whom I can tell all my secrets and gives me advice whenever I need someone to talk to. So, this coming International Coffee Day, I would like to thank her with this message and tell the world how lucky I am to have someone like her in my life. Ma, you’re the best mentor of my life, the best woman that I love! Thank you for all the love and everything! I love you, always and forever!

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