To a Favorite Friend: For Ron Biñas

They say “people are gifts.” I haven’t fully understood that statement until I met Sir Ron Biñas. He was my instructor in Theatre Arts back in college. He’s the reason why I came to love theatre. He introduced me to the wonders of having deep and intimate conversations over cups of coffee. He stands by me when the universe conspires against my dreams. He stays after every friend leaves. He makes me do things I think I can’t do. He pushes me to overcome my fear of rejection. He comforts me when everything seems like a mess. He scolds me when I do wrong, but motivates me to do better the next time. He regularly asks how I am doing. He calls to tell me his stories. He knows when I need to cry or to celebrate. He believes in my dreams. And he believes in me more than I believe in myself.

He’s my favorite friend, my motivator, my life teacher, my mentor… he’s my most cherished gift.

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