To Mrs. R: For Caroline Ranada

NOMINEE: Caroline B. Rañada
RELATIONSHIP: High School Club Moderator

When I was in high school, I joined the drama club under the watchful eye of our moderator, Mrs. Caroline Rañada or Mrs. R for short. Everyone knew Mrs. R—the AP teacher who had another life as a theatre enthusiast and practitioner. She had a reputation for being a disciplinarian, but also for being one of the best teachers in school.

I wasn’t naturally talented in theatre arts, but Mrs. R always believed in me and the rest of the members of the organization. At the end of the day, she’d always push us to do our best and give our all with each performance, even if it was just a rehearsal. While I didn’t pursue theater further, I’m so thankful to Mrs. R for instilling valuable life traits that I carry with me up until the present.

“Theatre actors are some of the most disciplined people on earth,” she’d always tell us. I can say that I definitely owe my entire work ethic to her. I used to think taking down notes and following processes or systems was a drag, but because of Mrs. R, I learned how important it is to be organized and detail-oriented with the work that I do. I used to hate being critiqued (even if it was meant to be constructive), but because of my time with Mrs. R, I learned that no one’s perfect and that constantly improving is a part of life. I used to complain about how I had to attend rehearsals every day after school, but because of that I learned the value of hard work and really putting in the hours and effort in order to achieve something great.

I could go on about the impact Mrs. R has had in my life, but that’s something I’d rather tell her in person over a nice cup of coffee. Overall, I can say that many of my successes are because of the way she trained me to work. Much of who I am today, I owe to Mrs. Rañada. Thank you for everything, Mrs. R!

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