To the Man Who Loved Me More Than I Loved Myself: For Benjamin Alar Jr.

I knew him when we’re young but we were not really close. We belonged to the same church but different locations. We would only see each other during summer camps. Then our conference was divided into two, and we didn’t see each other for a long time. Six years passed and I was already a single mom, I was invited to their conference to be a counselor. That’s when we got to see each other again. From then on, we started texting each other, dated and eventually became a couple. It was hard because I had the difficulty of trusting again, not solely for me, but mostly for my daughter. When my first relationship failed, I never thought that I could be somebody who would be worthy for someone to be a partner, or worst to be taken seriously as a life partner. But he did everything to let me feel that I was worthy of greater things in spite of my past. He embraced me completely including my strength and weaknesses. He not just accepted my daughter but he loved her like she was his own. I have deeper faith to God because of him. His love, support and acceptance has been a living testimony of God’s faithfulness in my life. Because of my husband, I have achieved so much in terms of career when I was still working because he always pushed me to do my best and to continue learning. When we decided that I should stop working, he gave me the perks of being a full time wife and mom so I’ve rediscovered a lot about my family that made me love them more each day. Because of him, I was able to experience living in another country and traveling to a lot of places I never even dreamt of before. Because of him, the family that I was just dreaming of having when I was younger became a reality.

At 35, I have most of what other people would hope for, and the kind of person I am right now, I give credit to my faith in God, on how my parents have raised me and to the love and support I’ve been receiving from my best friend, my mentor and my husband.

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