Treasured MOMents and Conversations over Coffee: For Gina Perolino

The person who introduced me to coffee is the same one who always manages to keep me grounded and on my toes when I need to be. My mother is not just any of the usual platitudes that mothers usually take. She is different by design; knowledge and a venerable heart make her more than just my mother and my mentor, she’s also my role model, and my best friend. Our best conversations about major life decisions, or the usual summarized tale of what happened throughout the day, or a wonderful anecdote found in a movie we recently watched, are shared over cups of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s coffee (our favorite is the Vienna blend.) I find that coffee and a quiet talk with her in the morning is the best way to start my day, and a relaxing cup before bed (contradictory, but true) is the best way to wind down in the evening. She has turned me into a young lady who wants to be the best she can be, and does so, in so many ways. I am transforming, learning and growing every day, and my mother provides inspiration, motivation and is my anchor throughout my journey.

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