Why I Love My Father: For Leonardo De Castro

When I was 21 years old and just starting my career in a fastfood chain as a Management Trainee, my dad was the one who would bring me to and pick me up from work. We had meaningful and mundane talks then and those were precious to me. One day, I was having a stressful time going to work and I was very quiet. My dad out of nowhere handed me a stress ball for me to play with it. He must have felt my stress even if I didn’t utter a single word! It felt good after that because Dad knows when I am feeling down or stressed. He has always been like that ever since I can remember. He gave so much meaning to his role and exceeded all expectations without being asked. My childhood was special because his focus was always geared towards my needs and at times my wants. In essence, he wants the best for me at all times. How can I repay his kindness? It is by spending more time with him and valuing our moments together.

Dad, I love you.

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