Work Life Buddies: For Gian Lansang

I never thought that I can meet a brother from another mother in the workplace. When I first met Gian, I was very intimidated by him because of how he presented himself, how he talked and the fact that he is our Ops Manager. I really wanted to work on a regular shift (from a 3 yr straight night shift) so I applied for a transfer (with promotion). He’s the one who interviewed me on my first promotion in my company. Being part of his team and knowing him personally made me realize that he is a total opposite of a “traditional” boss. Funny, talkative, sometimes out of this world but most of the time, a good conversationalist.

I admire how he manages people, how he recognizes potentials, and how he stays grounded despite his stature. When problems at work arise, he’s always fair and will defend you no matter what. Our one to one sessions are always memorable because we talk about both our successes, sentiments, frustrations career ambitions, family and a lot more. I will also not forget how he help me realized that you don’t have to forget your well being because of work. When I was diagnosed with Hiatal Hernia 2 years ago, and my health took a toll on me, I almost gave up but he was there to make me realize that it was just a test of patience and resilience. Lastly, what he always taught me is to be brave enough to accept my own weaknesses and failures and keep on pounding “my” rock to be better and shine even more.

Too bad he transferred already in another company, but our friendship still remains. To Gian, who likewise believe in “work life” balance, cheers and happy mentors day!

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