Ana May Lampa

NAME: Ana May Lampa

WHAT DO YOU DO: Claims Specialist

1. What are the values that you uphold as an individual, and how do you live them out?

I value stewardship  as this involves resourcefulness, charity, and giving. Hence, I really involve myself with groups that allow me to share my time, skills, and if it permits, money, to marginalized individuals. I feel that this is one of our purposes as human beings, to reach out and show compassion and charity.

2. Tell us about Your Coffee Bean Story.

My Coffee Bean story initially started a few years back with a collaboration between U Happy Events and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® where we did art activities and cooked with kids. This was succeeded by several other events, mostly involving volunteering for the youth and the aged. But we also attended empowering talks under Caring Cup Conversations, product launch events, and other Brew Your Best Year events before which showcased talents of different artists. It’s these completely diverse and creative events that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® offers that we always look forward to participating. And of course, my love for coffee and tea is also a prime reason why I love the brand.

3. What event did you participate in that was the highlight of your #CoffeeBeanLife?

All events I participated were truly engaging and memorable. One of the highlights though was the 2019 Giving Journal Launch in Good Samaritan, a home for the aged in Marikina.

It was very heartwarming to see our lolos and lolas smiling again. Together with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, we were able to bring love at the most important time of the year – Christmas. It makes the moment a lot more meaningful.

4. What are the lessons you’ve gained as a member of the Caring Cup Community?

My takeaway is simple, to volunteer your time and effort to a stranger is a noble act. It is a precious experience and a gift that no money can buy. Every moment shows me a different perspective and positively impacts how I live daily. I appreciate more the blessings I have and so I feel that I can be a blessing to others as well. It’s paying it forward.

5. Is there any advice you can give to the community when it comes to living a life of service and excellence?

Share what you have – not necessarily monetary, it can be time or skills. Just share. It makes a huge difference to somebody’s life.

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