Carlo Delantar

Name: Carlo Delantar

Occupation: Country Director for Waves for Water in the Philippines



What is Waves for Water?

Waves for Water is a global humanitarian aid organization. Our mission is to provide access to clean drinking water all around the world. So far, we’ve helped more than a million Filipinos in over 50 provinces ever since we started.


What is your advocacy and mission at Waves for Water?

Our main mission is to provide access to clean drinking water. We focus on water filters, rain catchment systems- anything that has to deal with providing clean water all around the Philippines, and the world. Specifically, here in the Philippines, we do 2 main programs: disaster response and community development. Disaster response is when, based after a calamity happens, we need to respond fast. Community development is when we provide rain catchment systems or outreach programs like what we are doing with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.



Why do you think an activity like this is important – to the volunteers and to the community?

This is important to empower and engage volunteers and say, “You know, you can do what you love and help along the way.” So they will be encouraged to help even without a large organization’s support and in turn, better the lives of the community they’re helping out. 


Why do you think the volunteers are important to the community?

What we want to impart to the volunteers is our mission and what we’re trying to bring in. The more we are, the better our social impact is. For communities, why do we go to these places? Because they’re the unheard people – the forgotten places. We look out for these people to hear them out and let them be heard.



What message can you impart to invite everyone to join your mission? 

It’s really hard for us to do this without partners. For more updates, and to see what we’re currently doing in the Philippines, please follow us on social media. That’s @wavesforwater on Instagram and Facebook, and of course our website, We hope to see you guys soon and thank you to everyone who joined our partnership with Caring Cup. In this specific area in Tanay, we’ve helped more than 200 people in just a matter of hours, and that’s gonna help them towards 5-10 years, so thank you very much for your time.

See photos from our Caring Cup event with Waves for Water here.


How can they get involved with this kind of mission?

Waves for Water has its own programs that we do all around the world, but for volunteers to be engaged, we have the courier program. The goal is to provide people who are travelling or who have hobbies and passions with water filters to let them infuse purpose into those passions by bringing the filters to where they’re going. If we have 500 people with 1 filter at any given time, then there’s a social impact already, so be a courier. I think we’ve had multiple couriers in the Philippines and around the world that do what they love, but also help along the way.


Any tips for those who want to start their own social enterprise?

I would say: first figure out what your values are. Second is understand how business models work. Third is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Last but not the least, remember that you are serving the communities, and never compromise that because once you start compromising, you lose your sense of purpose for your social enterprise.


I think there are a lot of complications with social enterprises or how things are being ran because they make it as complex as possible, but if it gets too complex, it gets really hard to explain it to a child. That’s your indicator that it might be too difficult along the line. So I want to change that. I say find a simple mission; find a simple solution; and then create something from there.  

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