Karl Ivan Presentacion

One of our very first Contributing Artists in Brew Your Best Year is Karl Ivan Presentacion. He’s been there since the start, and along the way has gotten involved with our brand’s initiatives such as being one of the featured artists for our 2016 Giving Journal launch! What we admire about Karl is the authenticity behind his work that is most evident. You know it’s a @larkvain post when you see one!

Read all about his story as an artist below.

WHO IS HE? Karl Ivan J. Presentacion, 26 years old
WHAT DOES HE DO? Karl is a freelance creative individual who is into arts and photography.

1.  Tell us about your story as an artist/writer. How did you discover your love for (talent here)?

First, it would be fitting to share that I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English and practiced Human Resources until I decided to pursue my creative career. Back when I was still in school, I’ve always loved the arts (drawing and crafts) and taking pictures, but had no formal training or background as artist and photographer. My willingness to learn and being inspired urged me to take my creative skills to the next level. I was deeply captivated to both mediums (arts and photography) because of its astounding ability to make me feel great as a person. Today, as an art and photography enthusiast, I’ve gotten the chance to be involved in a community who shares the same passion as me and opened a lot of opportunities for me to explore and get more creative.

3. What kind of artist/writer are you? Describe your style/niche and how has this changed through the years.

Drawn from self discovery about my interest in both mediums (arts and photography), I did a self-study and practiced the different techniques in drawing, paper cutting and photography. I tried everything that would fit my creative style and I found it though arts and photography. It was challenging, I must say, but this gradually developed my creative perspective. It helped me feed my visual curiosity, think of cleaver ideas, and explore possibilities in every way that I can.

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4. What is the highlight of your practice so far?

So far the highlight would probably being nominated for “Influence Asia” as one of the prime influencers in the country for creative photography.

5. Where do you get inspiration?

I get inspiration from the diversity and creativity shared within the community particularly on Instagram. This also influenced my passion for arts and photography because of the overwhelming support and heartfelt appreciation towards my work.

6. What is your creative process like?

My works include travels, themed photographs and my personal artworks. When taking pictures, I consider the environment and lighting because it is a contributing factor in producing good quality images; this could be a well prepared set, nature or architecture. About my artworks, the ideas are just flowing. It pops out when I think I’m inspired. To make it more unique, I inject personal and creative touches through my drawings, paper crafts and everything that has to do with arts.

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7. Do you experience creative blocks? What do you do when this happens?

Creative blocks would be a personal choice. Regrettably, it happens to everybody in forms of feelings and failures. What I do to is to turn these personal choices in a way that my heart can accept truthfully.

8. How do you choose what to (story to write/artwork to create)?

I think it is important to create something that is current and timely. I’m not saying that just go with the trends, but be aware of what is happening around you. This could produce a work that can make an impact in a fast paced world.

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9. Who are some of the individuals you look up to in line with your craft?

For the visual arts, I look up to Leeroy New. I mean this guy can do everything that pleases my eyes! For photography ,there’s a lot of them on Instagram especially my SinoPinas brothers. It is important to surround yourself with people who inspire you and are supportive with what you do. They can be your friends and a source of strength in line with your chosen craft.

10. What’s your favorite piece/story that you’ve written/created?

I really can’t choose a favorite from my works, maybe because my mindset dictates that they vary in every way and thus I put my heart in each and everything I create.

11. What kinds of challenges are an associated with your craft/job and how do you overcome them?

Challenges will be always there to hinder us in every way. It could be time, people or even yourself and these will not be permanent as long as you allow them to work around for you. I always put to mind that no matter how difficult attaining your goals are, hard work will always pay off in the end.

12. What are your biggest lessons as an artist/writer?

For me, learning is a continuing process and I think every day is a learning experience. The biggest lesson so far that I will treasure is pursuing what you really love the most as early as you can, but it can never be too late also as long as you try.

13. What do you believe is an important factor in creating a good piece of (story/art)?

I think the most important factor in creating a masterpiece (an artwork or photograph) would be the keen attention to details and injecting creative elements throughout the composition, thus it should also reflect your own personality and feelings for an in-depth and original outcome.

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14.  What advice can you give the community, especially emerging artists/writers?

My advice to aspiring artists in general is to have the will and passion to pursue your craft, because if you have these then everything will fall into place. Let’s be straight to the point, we cannot please everybody. People will surely judge your work and it’s okay to leave it up to them. After all, it is you who has the final say in everything you do. No one else can perfectly conclude your work but yourself. Today, it is no longer the question of originality but rather the sincerity behind what you can offer that authenticates.

15. What is Brew Your Best Year to you and how has it inspired you as an artist (If it has :))

Brew Your Best Year is both a place and a community where I can be heard and where I can fully express my creative side. It serves as the equilibrium to keep me going because it inspired me to get out there and show myself and my work. Plus, I’m meeting inspiring people with passionate minds alike. I still feel emotional when I look back on my first Brew Your Best Year feature, that first step helped me get to where I am today, and now it has a special place in my heart.

Below is Karl’s first feature on Brew Your Best Year, last 2014

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