Lovey Marquez

Behind the blog Art of Movement is a woman whose journey has been inspired by our intrinsic human desire to connect, engage in good conversations, and create deeply moving art seeing the beauty that surrounds us. Lovey Marquez, a storyteller by heart, uses her talent not only to impart her learnings and ideas through stories and writings, but through everyday encounters and experiences, as well.

“The reach of magic becomes mysteriously, but dazzlingly, immeasurable when authenticity is shared and so your voice becomes not only your own but a tune everybody is feeling and singing, too,” Lovey says. Let this serve as a reminder that when we use our voice to speak to others, our words can do more than share what’s in our heart. They can also inspire and move them to act.

Read all about her story as a Community Member of Brew Your Best Year and her thoughts on how to make this year the best one yet below!

WHO IS SHE? Lovey Marquez, 25 years old

WHAT DOES SHE DO? She’s a full-time Production Analyst for French data in a healthcare and IT services company. She is also the founder, photographer, and writer at Art of Movement; co-founder, and writer at The Echoes; and partner and co-founder at Halifax Collective—all of which really boils down to being a storyteller in different mediums and approaches

  1. Tell us about your story as a Community Member of Brew Your Best Year. How did your journey start?

I thought my journey started only a year ago. But as I was tracing my history with Brew Your Best Year (BYBY) and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, I recall being a part of it on 2015 when I first contributed a photo essay of my latest travels. It was about seeing the daily elements in our surroundings with renewed wonder. I still remember my first exchange with Nella from their Marketing team, as she expressed how she was “deeply moved” by what I shared in the photo description. That feature allowed me and two of my friends to attend FIND YOUR ZEN which included a wellness talk and a yoga session. I had no idea then, but this officially began my journey with BYBY.

At that time, I was already a faithful reader of several blogs and online communities which create beautiful content and activities with a purpose. Months passed and I finally had the courage and enthusiasm to create my own portfolio of writings and photos in a blog called Art of Movement. I decided to send one of my favorite written articles called A Love Letter to Travelers and the team published this in their website. My following continued and I was eager to attend another inspiring talk/workshop. Last year, I chanced upon their upcoming event called BREWED AWAKENING which tackled mindfulness and the ways to incorporate such in our everyday living. This immediately caught my attention so I posted an entry right away. It was perhaps one of the most memorable times I remember with BYBY. After the event, I published the learnings I had absorbed during the summit as well as my personal experiences in the journey of mindfulness. Since then, my involvement with Brew Your Best Year became more established as they decided to also re-feature an original Art of Movement article speaking about post-travel moods and reflections.

Writing and tracing my history now with the community has made me clearly see the continually growing relationship I had with Brew Your Best Year team – as a contributor, a customer, and a learner.

2. What are your most memorable experiences joining our events so far? Tell us about them and why they are defining highlights for you. (maximum 4, please include a photo to accompany each. Preferably with you in it)

FIND YOUR ZEN event (which is, WOW, already two years ago!) encouraged the participants to practice the art of finding balance for overall and everyday well-being. On my part, this whole day session became a memorable experience for it allowed me to think about pursuing the “loves” I am being called for no matter my status or circumstance in life. Sharing my interest with anything wellness to my friends was a bonus.

pic1 pic2 pic3

I also recall vividly the BREWED AWAKENING event which took place early part of last year. I contracted chicken pox weeks before. That mindfulness summit was an entry point for me to come in contact again with the world in the best way I can imagine. It completed my healing phase physically and replenished me with an energy that nourishes emotionally and mentally. A week after having my article about mindfulness published, I visited their office only to be surprised with freebies. Excited as I was, I opened the paper bag and took the Giving Journal out while inside the cab. A poem was printed in the introduction page. While reading the lines, I got teary-eyed and somehow acquired answers I was seeking during a momentary, sad phase of my life.

pic4 pic5

STORIES BEHIND LENS was another memorable experience with the community. I can’t forget the breathtaking story of the photojournalist Albert Garcia behind his capture of Mt. Pinatubo which was included as one of the greatest images in the 20th century published as a book by Time. Witnessing the original photo in frame and the artist behind it made me assess how far one can go with producing good work and fueling your passion. Are we willing to take risks and be gracefully brave about it? This spark of inspiration and self-evaluation couldn’t be possible if not for Brew Your Best Year.
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I once described BYBY activities not at all a promotion targeted for profit but rather an invitation to involvement among those who wanted to follow their burning inner desires, share their creative expressions, and promote goodness in all forms to various communities in the Philippines. My personal experiences with BYBY events were meaningful and genuine, all of which prompted me to be involved actively.

3. Favorite pieces created during our various events or as a result of inspiration gained from being a part of the community. (If you were a part of any of our workshops)

I particularly loved writing about my learnings and sentiments in mindfulness. During the BREWED AWAKENING event, I also enjoyed doing the self-care list we were assigned to fill out. This activity reminded me how it feels good to be in a state of doing exactly the “organic” things that feed your soul and how bliss and content can truly be attainable through mindfulness even in common situations.

4. Where do you get inspiration?

My inspirations are sourced from the sincere elements of the world, both natural and man-made. Good conversations bring me to realms of magic and the exchange itself inspires me. E-mails, chats, phone calls, or personal talks are sacred and meaningful for me because in between the slurs and silences, there always seem to weave a revelation. Another inspiration are the deeply moving and enlightening words, photos, videos or any form of storytelling by all kinds of artists both print and online. I loyally follow blogs such as The Mad Muse/Sofia Cope, Infinite Satori, The Travelling Light, and the writings of Pico Iyer. I also find communities/groups such as Brew Your Best Year and Halifax Collective very enriching, whether online or personal. Those that encourage exchange of ideas, bring together creators, and produce and spark both personal and universal truths become an inspiration as a result of the common human capacity to feel and connect. But a timeless source of inspiration for me is any experience with Nature, mostly from my travels. There is a peaceful belonging felt when surrounded by seas, mountains, waterfalls, forests… Even passing by a patch of flowers or staring at the clouds or the moon in the city breathes a sterling aliveness. Something about Nature peels off our layers and reveals our kinder, more vulnerable, more passionate, more grateful selves. It speaks that life can get as real as it can be, as all-encompassing, and the realness and the sincerity of it all can stir and awaken.

5. What is Brew Your Best Year to you?

Brew Your Best Year, to me, is a community that promotes freedom to express mindfully and to create lovingly – to make the most out of our fleeting but potential existence. Somehow, it reminds me of a question that if you have one year left to live in this world, would you change the way you live? And so it boosts and builds a safe space for us to be the “best” version of ourselves, that all we can do perhaps is our best. And by best, I mean not only successfully holding a retreat or publishing a book, but also being courageous in challenges and graceful about failures in between. Brew Your Best Year reminds us that being the “coolest you” doesn’t choose right timing, rather, we must dance our way into everyday for our year to be the best! One best day adds up, so the next best things will surely unfold for the rest of the year.

6. What are the biggest learnings you’ve gained being a part of the community? (If there are)

Brew Your Best Year allows several artists alike to have their work/s recognized and shared – these, I believe, are the most treasured moments of being a storyteller. Having mentioned this, the biggest learning I gained as part of the community is to share your most intimate “voice”. The reach of magic becomes mysteriously but dazzlingly immeasurable when authenticity is shared and so your voice becomes not only your own but a tune everybody is feeling and singing too.

7. How do you impart the learnings and inspiration gathered with the rest of the community?

I impart my learnings through storytelling, and this is personally best effective for me in writing, as well as everyday conversations.

8. What do you believe is/are the most important elements in brewing one’s best year?

Most important elements in brewing one’s best year:

  • Attention, and the wisdom that attention springs harmony and love
  • Openness to expand
  • Ability to always let go, daily
  • Desire to rediscover where your true elements lie and “melt there often” (in Sofia Cope’s words)
  • Awareness of intention in interacting with people, with Nature and in what we do and speak
  • Childlike attitude, to remember Aldous Huxley’s advice, Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly.”
  • Gratitude in everything

9. How do you plan to make your year the best one yet?

In 2016, my words for the year were wholeness, metamorphosis and reflection. For 2017, I think I may have found my word for the year which is co. It is a prefix originating from Latin and in the dictionary, the word “co” means “joint, jointly, together”. Guided by my word for the year, I plan to make my 2017 the best one yet by doing the following:

  • Grow in writing by writing with more honesty and widening the scope of literature that I read
  • Travel more mindfully and visit places that feel right to my heart (beating for Europe and India now and who knows where my heart will take me)
  • Create communities through organizing another soul travel retreat and hopefully a writing workshop(/s)
  • Be more proactive and consistent in my creative pursuits (currently enrolled in a course called Project You for better branding of Art of Movement and setting up an exhibit of The Echoes passion project in a local coffee shop for larger exposure) and spiritual learnings (attending a workshop soon! ☺)
  • Learn a new language and a new skill
  • Be braver, more vulnerable, more flexible in sharing myself to be able to connect more deeply in all my relationships, old and new
  • Thrive in collaborations
  • Be more intentional in showing up to the world
  • Stick to my daily self-love rituals, make spaces for contemplations

One of the things last year has taught me: two (or more) is better than one ☺ So let’s work together to brew our best year!

10. What advice can you give the community?

Connect more with yourself, with people around you, with the natural world, and the learning will never stop ending. The more you are connected, the more you’ll find yourself cracked open and in love. The moment when you find yourself in a place of love, overflow. And by overflow, I mean create and connect in a manner you know best. The best will give birth only to the best. Goodness will follow without you chasing it because from the very start, you know in yourself that you are part of the great creation.

Lastly, never ever forget the inner child in you.

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2 Thoughts

  1. Nina says:

    Hi Lovey. Thank you for posting the link of your blog to this website. This was how I stumbled upon the term “multipotentialite.” I did not know the term existed until I read upon it in your entry on organizing your first retreat. I am grateful for this breakthrough. Finally I understand why I keep hopping from one interest to another and why I have trouble choosing the “one” path for me.

    Wish you all the best in your life.

    1. Lovey says:

      Hi Nina! First of all, thank you for reading this feature. I am soooooo glad you have chanced upon my website, the retreat article, and yes the link of the “multi-potentialite” video <3 I wish more people can watch that, and forgive ourselves for wanting to explore several interests, sometimes all at once! To choose one or many paths, I guess, is fine, as along as the journey nourishes us and we also get to share our learnings to others.

      Hoping you get to enjoy your endeavors!