Francis Ryan Santianez

NAME: Francis Ryan Santianez, Reports Analyst from Cebu City

  1. What are the values that you uphold as an individual and how do you live them out?

I’d like to consider myself as a kind, caring, and optimistic person who loves to enjoy life and be a blessing to others. As I become older, I have become more conscious of the things I say and do. I believe in living a life of building relationships that help me become a better person, hoping that I can have the same effect on others too.

2. Tell us about Your Coffee Bean Story.

My Coffee Bean Story started with me not being a big fan of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® because their shops intimidated me, as they gave the impression of having expensive beverages. But everything changed when I started following their social media accounts where I witnessed how well they engaged with their customers. I also became more aware of the Caring Cup Community and how they involved us (guests) in what they do for the betterment of our community.

3. What event did you participate in that was the highlight of your #CoffeeBeanLife?

The Sneaker Project in Cebu for the benefit of Mercy in Action Foundation was the highlight of my #CoffeeBeanLife as it was my first time to personally witness how The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® gives back to the community and how they encourage their guests to get involved. We were only asked then for our time and commitment for the kids, and I surely had fun seeing happy faces from children we mingled with. I learned a lot from the said experience.

4. What are the lessons you’ve gained as a member of the Caring Cup Community?

The Caring Cup Community taught me to be more compassionate and loving. It showed me how a big company can choose to be of great help to others and inspire their guests to get out and give back. I realized that amidst our busy lives, we can always find time to help if we really want to.

5. Is there any advice you can give to the community when it comes to living a life of service and excellence?

Never lose the passion to excel and give back. When there’s an opportunity to help and serve others, grab it because no one is too poor that he cannot share, and no one is too rich that he could not receive.

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