#Brew2015 Freebie of the Month

Throughout the past year, we’ve been coming out with monthly freebies specially crafted for every member of our Brew Your Best Year Community. These freebies were our own, personalized way of saying THANK YOU– for all the support you’ve given, for joining our mission of inspiring everyone in the community with your submitted stories and creative artworks, for spending your weekends with us at our various events, for spreading the word about us and helping us grow into what we are today.

We are nothing but grateful for the year that has been and most especially, the people who have been with us along our journey – people like YOU. For the month of December, our 2015 Giving Journal theme of the month is ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL AND READY TO GIVE BACK. That’s why, building on our tradition of giving and on this theme, we’ve come up with various freebies for everyone in the community to enjoy. We have wallpapers which will remind you to brew your best year and to be grateful each day, a Gratitude Checklist which will help you stay optimistic, and post-it notes which you can give to people who have been a special part of your 2015. Whether it’s your supportive boss, or your significant other who brought you so much joy, or your colleague who helped you out in so many ways over the past year, pass it on and show them how thankful you are of them through a simple note of appreciation!

Here in Brew Your Best Year, our mantra is to LIVE A LIFE OF OVERFLOWS and we can only hope to inspire you to do the same. Fill yourself with gratitude and love and pour it over someone else’s cup!

Existing members subscribed to the Community will automatically receive the freebies via their email and for those who aren’t a part of our official listing yet, simply subscribe here.


  1. Download wallpaper designs on your phone or desktop
  2. Set the designs as your wallpaper (It’s that easy!)


  1. Print the checklist on ½ of an A4 paper (we suggest to use hard paper!)
  2. Place the checklist inside your Giving Journal – or any place you’d always see!


How to print the post-it notes:

Step 1: Download the template we sent you through your email. Using a letter size paper (8.5 x 11 in), print out the page as scaled to 100%.

Step 2: Cover all the boxes with regular 3-inch sticky notes inside the dashed border of the square. Make sure the post-its are adhered properly, and try to flatten them to avoid paper jam problems.

Tip: We recommend printing on pastel post-its. The lighter colors will ensure that all the design details, as well as your handwritten sentiments, are easily seen.

Step 3: Place the paper with the post-its back to your printer tray and print the template again. As long as the straight adhesive edge goes in first, you shouldn’t have any problems with jamming the printer. We highly recommend figuring out first how your printer loads paper.

Step 4: Finished! Peel off the post-it notes and place it wherever you want. If you want to print more copies, you may use the template again and cover the boxes with blank sticky notes.


Happy printing and sharing!


We’d love to see what you did with our December downloadable! Share with us how you used our freebies on any of your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) using the hashtag #brew2015 or comment on this post with a link to your project. 


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