#Brew2016 Freebie of the Month

What do you do with inspiration? You use it to prompt yourself, and others, to act. To do something that touches others’ hearts and moves their lives for the good.

Try to remember the last time you felt that you were stuck in a rut, or when everything seemed to be against you. What helped you get through it? A friend or family member could have listened to you as you poured your heart out, or took you out for dinner to treat you to your favorite meal. Or maybe it was a very empowering article or book you read that struck something in you.

There may be people around us that could be going through a rough patch in their lives that we are not aware of. That’s why, this month’s freebie encourages you to think outward, beyond yourself, and to spread inspiration with others. Motivated by the whole concept of paying it forward, the tear-off poster includes 10 strips that contains nuggets of wisdom from people who have empowered communities to do great deeds, and 5 blank strips for you to write your own. Put this poster up somewhere anyone can take a strip of inspiration. You never know when someone is in need of it, and it’s important to recognize that you can be a source of positivity in the simplest ways.

Our downloadable gifts are free for everyone in our community! It’s our special way of saying THANK YOU and our way of encouraging you to do your own share in uplifting the community. Existing subscribers of brewyourbestyear.com will automatically receive the freebies via our newsletter. If you aren’t a part of our official listing yet, you can simply subscribe here (hyperlink)! The freebie will be sent directly to your email right after subscribing.

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      Share with us what you made, Cathy! We’d love to see and share them here! 🙂