#Brew2017 Freebie of the Month

In line with our central theme for this Christmas season, “A Tradition of Giving”, we’ve come up with Holiday Giving Challenges that we hope will foster a spirit of generosity and kindness amongst our community. Each week this December will have a specific theme to guide everyone by:

  • Week 1 (December 4-10): Do something to inspire
  • Week 2 (December 11-17): Do something to teach
  • Week 3 (December 18-24): Do something to help
  • Week 4 (December 25-31): Do something to share

Post on Instagram how you’re living up to the challenges and add the tags #TraditionOfGiving @cbtlph. Weekly winners are in for special surprises to enjoy our holiday beverages and be three steps closer to getting their own 2018 Giving Journal!


As a freebie for this month, we’ve also come up with inspirational stickers related to our Holiday Giving Challenges which you’ll receive every week! They’re perfect to use for your new Giving Journal, or to give to others to inspire them to join you give back.

Here’s how you can get the freebie:

  1. Download the printable sheet showcasing our stickers when emailed via our newsletter.
  2. Print the sheet using a sticker paper.
  3. Carefully cut them out, then they’re ready to use!


*Members of brewyourbestyear.com automatically receive the freebie via a newsletter within 24 hours. If you haven’t signed up yet, subscribe to the website!  


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3 Thoughts

  1. Tiffany Salapang says:

    This is really getting everyone the real feels of Christmas!

  2. Fatima Abdul says:

    This sounds great!

    1. Brew Your Best Year Editor says:

      Just make sure to subscribe to our mailing list via brewyourbestyear.com/subscribe so you can download the freebies! 🙂