#Brew2018 Freebie of the Month

This July, our Giving Journal reminds you to “Be a blessing where you are”.  So we created freebies that encourage you to bless others — and yourself, in simple, yet meaningful ways. We made four bookmarks, two of which you may keep for yourself. The other two can be personalized and given as gifts to loved ones or friends. Often, it’s the small gestures that truly bless those around us.

Here’s how to use our bookmark freebie:

  1.  Print the downloadable sheet with our bookmark templates. Best to use sturdy card stock paper.
  2. Carefully cut out each bookmark.
  3. Decorate the bookmarks in the designated spaces.
  4. Customize one for yourself and two for your friends.


We also created the “Infinite Plant” that contains six simple tasks that hopefully moves you to be purposeful with your growth as an individual and with how you make an impact in the lives of others. Once you have completed a task, pass it on to your friends and family, and inspire them to give to others.

To use our Infinite Plant freebie:

  1. Print the downloadable sheet with our template. Make sure to use sturdy cardstock paper.
  2. Carefully cut around the design of the plant and leaves.
  3. After completing a deed, tear it off, pass it on, and encourage people to bless others.


We all have the capability to be a channel of goodness!


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