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Always remember the risk-return relationship: high yields have high risks and low risks have low yields.

Want to inspire others? Share your thoughts or personal stories on taking risks to gain rewards. We’ll also be rewarding featured submissions with a P500 gift certificate to be enjoyed in any of our stores! ‪#‎brew2014‬

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One Thought

  1. The most rewarding experience for me wherein I really took great risk was my Series 7 exam administered by FINRA or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority of US for registered stockbrokers.It’s a required licensure exam along with Series 63 ( for stock traders in the US), if you want to be a part of securities industry in the US. Since my former company, an in-house BPO, which is also a brokerage company headquartered in New York, USA, has an off-shore branch here in Manila, we were required to take up Series 7 and 63. I already had my series 6 and 63 from my previous brokerage firm. I couldn’t forget the whole time reviewing for my Series 7 which was held in November to December 2011. We were warned by our trainer then that we should be ready to give up our social life, family life and even sex life hahahaha! and be ready for sleepless nights in the next two months if we want to pass our Series 7 because of its tedious review process. So, that means giving up my face book, Twitter , YouTube, personal emails and my weekly TV viewing of my fave US shows for the next two months huhuhuhu! Aside from our grueling daily review, quizzes and long exams, we also had our weekend review for us to finish the modules that our trainer required us to do, aside from the required readings we had. At one time, my blood pressure shot up and I was even rushed to Makati Medical Center due to sleepless nights and the tiring review process we had. Luckily, I was discharged the same day, thank God! This happened a week before our Series 7 exam. But it was all worth it- the sleepless nights, the tedious review process,and the prayers. It was the best Christmas gift I ever received. I almost screamed and cried in joy ( but luckily, I controlled myself because we were not allowed to make noise in the exam venue hehehe!) when I saw my score. It wasn’t high but at least I passed. If you really put your heart and soul into something and couple it with prayers, no matter how hard it is, you will be rewarded greatly. High risk and high rewards not only applies to financial investing but also in career, studies,and even relationships.