#Brew2014 Wisdom of the Week

Give thanks for the small things. For one day, you will realize they were big things.

Want to inspire others? Share your thoughts or personal stories on being thankful for the small things. We’ll be rewarding featured submissions with a P500 gift certificate to be enjoyed in any of our stores! #brew2014

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4 Thoughts

  1. Shenna Kate Torres says:

    I thank God for everything He had made for us. Imagine a life full of blessings and happiness because of God’s presence. It is amazing that we breathe fresh and free air, it is wonderful how our body system works accordingly in our body, it is fascinating how we would woke up everyday, it is inspiring to know that despite of every trials and obstacles we had/may encounter there is always a solution for it and in every weaknesses we feel God is always there to give us a new strength. Smile and give thanks for everything!

  2. Irene Lara says:

    In our everyday journey we often forget to be grateful for the small things or blessings that come along our way. We have been so busy focusing on a more higher goals that we totally forgot that the small things actually build our lives. As they say “bigger things come in small packages”. Little things often makes us more happier.

    As I reflect on my life now I have realized this things to be grateful for:
    a) great conversation
    b) friends and family
    c) hugs from the ones I love
    d) air that I breath
    e) happy smiles I received
    f) and a coffee to warm my day 🙂

    You could always be happy even in small things. For you will never know when your time is up. Start appreciating now and be happy. What have you been thankful lately?

  3. diosyl borbon says:

    For me, Everyday is a blessing 🙂 thanking the lord for fiving a chance to be a mom and also to be able to inspire others 🙂 i thank my son for always giving me that hug everytime i arrive at home. i thank my co-employees for always giving me that big smile everytime they see me at our workplace. i thank my mom for always cooking my favorite food. for them, it might be a simple gesture of appreciation, but for me, those small things made a big impact on me. I am always greatful for small things because that inspires me the most 🙂

  4. diosyl borbon says:

    I was able to submit an entry, do hope it went thru. Thank you