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Be thankful in all circumstances.

Want to inspire others? Share your thoughts or personal stories on being thankful even when it’s difficult. We’ll be rewarding featured submissions with a P500 gift certificate to be enjoyed in any of our stores! #brew2014

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One Thought

  1. My little boy was born last March 5, 2012, via unexpected CS Operation. Unfortunately, he had blood infection and stayed in the Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 45 days.

    As a new mom, I blame myself because of what happened to my son. Seeing others moms caring their babies after they gave birth brought more pain because I cannot even touch my own baby.

    Even though my wound was still very fresh on that time, I was with him every day in the NICU. From 8am in the morning until 8pm in the evening, pumping my own milk every hour so that I can feed him. Every time he has seizure and suffers the pain from the antibiotics that the nurses had to inject him every day melted my heart and soul.

    Prayers and support from my family and friends was my support. Those 45 days was the most painful days of my life. What happened made more mature and responsible person and mother.

    Despite of the difficulties, I always remain very thankful to the Lord for sending me support through my family and friends. Now, our little boy is now 2 and half years old, healthy & bubbly, my ultimate blessing and my reason for always thanking the Lord everyday ♥