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Did you know that the literal meaning of passion is to suffer? To be passionate entails having the willingness to make sacrifices, and believing that all the hard work will be worth it in the end.

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One Thought

  1. I’ve always thought of fasting as a way to lose weight. I never realized how little I had thought of that spiritual discipline until I became a Christian and fully understood its significance. Two years ago, I embarked on a journey, a bold one for a noob Christian like I was. I have heard about the power of prayer and believed in it wholeheartedly. But fasting in prayer? Many of my Christian friends have shared breakthrough stories in their lives–relationships, careers and health after and even during their fasting. And that time, two years ago, I felt broken and knew that I was treading on deep waters. I was resolved to fast and pray for my breakthrough. Beginning it was a challenge but midweek into it, I was struggling. Nevertheless, I pressed on and as I drew near the Lord, I realized and felt shame of my struggles. The sacrifices I was making did not even come close to the ultimate sacrifice that paid for my sins. Jesus was the sacrifice! I felt small and unworthy yet Jesus told me that I was worth the price. After the fasting week, I felt mended and got my breakthrough a few weeks after. I got into a deeper relationship with my Savior and began serving Him. Last year I also fasted and prayed twice and today marks the beginning of this year’s prayer and fasting week in our church. There is still a struggle yet knowing and fully understanding the passion of Christ to redeem me motivates me and compels me to make my own sacrifice. Nothing compares to the assurance that I have in Christ, the love that He has for me. I know that noting compares to the reward I have for obedience. Eternal life with Jesus!