#Brew2016 Challenge of the Week

“The best way to communicate with people you are trying to lead is often through a story.” – Stephen Denning. Share the learnings and realizations you acquired from different experiences to shed light and bring inspiration to other people’s lives.

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One Thought

  1. People say that experience is the best teacher. I, somehow, agree with that quote but I strongly believe that experience alone is not enough. Experience needs to be evaluated. So yes, Evaluated Experience is the best teacher.

    6 years ago, I got promoted as a Team Manager in one of the companies in Quezon City. I was too young then, & had limited skills to do the job. I wanted to prove the people in the office that I deserved the promotion. I worked too hard, I stayed late and even worked on weekends. Something happened, I made a wrong decision. I felt like everyone was waiting for me commit one mistake. That mistake went big that I ended up leaving the company. It was depressing that I ended up buying self help books.

    One morning I woke up, and realized that placing my life on hold was not option. I needed to find myself again and start creating new memories. I started applying in other companies as an entry level associate. My game plan was to start from the first level and eventually, work my way up to the corporate ladder. While I was working as an associate, an opportunity knocked. The company had an opening for a Team Lead Post. With no hesitation, I applied for the position and got the job. I can still remember how the interview went. I told them with conviction that, “any negative experience in life can be turned into something positive if we are learning from it. I made mistakes and failed many times, but I carefully evaluated those experiences and learned from it.”