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“My name is Kimberly Kaye Bangoy, 21 y/o, and I’ve been sharing my talent to the Brew Your Best Year @brewph community for more than a year now.

I am a regular Coffee Bean customer in Davao. Since college, the Hazelnut and White Chocolate Dream beverages have been my favorite partners in studying. After I graduated, I still continued to visit the Coffee Bean branches to study for my board exams. Sometimes, I hang out with my friends or loved ones. Right now as a working adult, it’s the place where I create art or do art sessions with friends. It’s also where I work and set meetings with co-workers.

I started volunteering when they held a Street Art Series and luckily, I got in. After that, I realized how inspiring their community is, especially for the artists. I read through their blog and posts, and was inspired to share my own work.

Through them, I have rediscovered the artistic side of myself, the best version of myself. This year, they had another project for their first Coffee Bean classroom and called in volunteers to paint. I was eager to help and join because the classroom is in my own hometown in Davao. It was very heartwarming seeing the children smile when we were painting their room & seeing their excitement to go to school.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Brew Your Best Year community has reached the hearts of people. They are not only helping Real LIFE, but also every Filipino out there who needs all the encouragement and inspiration. Truly, a cup that changes lives.”

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